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Due to fantastic feedback, we’re again offering you the option to choose the item you want to receive with you 2019 Membership!

For 2019 you can select a CAP, SCARF or BEANIE to be included with your Member pack!



Please note: If you have a Legends, Captain’s Club or Gold memberships – you will automatically receive a scarf with your Member Pack. However, you can select the SECOND item. This means you can add a cap, beanie or an additional scarf to your pack!

STOCKS ARE STRICTLY LIMITED! Members are encouraged to make their choices early to receive their preferred item(s).


How do I make a selection?

Membership for 2019 launches at the beginning of October and you will then be able to make your selection when renewing or joining.


If you’re a renewing eligible Member, simply click here and log into your account.

You will need to ensure you are renewed before you make your Member’s Choice selection.  Your account will become active to choose your item(s) after your Membership payment is processed.

If you are a NEW eligible member you will be able to choose as soon as your receive your Confirmation email. Confirmation emails are sent weekly. If you have signed up and have not received a confirmation email within a week, please email or call Member Services to make your selection.

You will be able to select 1 Member choice item for each of your eligible Memberships. If you are selecting multiple choices you can choose any combination of the items.


Selections will not be able to be made through Member Services until Membership 2019 launches at the beginning of October. You will receive your renewal information in the post and via email when Memberships are open.

If you would like to make your selection over the phone, please call our friendly Member Services team on (08) 8440 6690 during business hours, Monday to Friday.


I have an eligible Membership type, but I did not receive an email to make my selection, how do I choose?

If you have not received an email to make your selection we may not have an email address on your account, or you may share your email address with another account.

You can still make your selection via phone or online.


 What Memberships are eligible for Member’s Choice?

  • Reserved Seat
  • Essential Crow
  • General Admission Home
  • Interstate
  • Victorian General Admission
  • Victorian Home and Away
  • Bronze
  • Crows Women’s Team Champions

Don’t forget: If you have a Gold, Captains Club or Legends Membership, you will automatically receive a scarf included in your Member Pack however you have the option to also select a SECOND item from Cap, Scarf or Beanie.


Why didn’t I receive the option to participate in Member’s Choice?

If you didn’t receive any communication about Member’s Choice you may not have a Membership which is eligible.  Non-access Members do not receive Member’s Choice options with their packs. Non-access Member packs receive different Membership items depending on their Membership entitlements.


What Memberships are not eligible for Member’s Choice items?

The following non-access Memberships are not eligible:

  • Boundary Line
  • AFL Women's Team Supporter
  • AFL Women's Team Junior
  • Pet
  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Birthday

You will still receive your Membership pack and items specific to your package.


How do I choose what colour cap I want?

There is only one colour option for the cap for 2019. The cap is predominantly navy.


How do I choose what colour scarf I want?

There is only one colour option for the scarf for 2019. The scarf is predominantly navy.


How do I choose what colour beanie I want?

There is only one colour option for the beanie for 2019. The beanie is predominantly navy.


What happens if I don’t choose anything?

If you don’t make a selection, you will be automatically sent either a cap, scarf or beanie, randomly assigned by the Club.


What if I change my mind after I’ve made my selection?

You will need to contact our Member services team on (08) 8440 6690 to update your choice prior to your Member pack and card being sent. If you do not make or change your selection in time, we will not be able to swap items.


What happens if I receive the wrong item?

You will need to contact our Member services team via email or phone and they will organize for the correct item to be sent out to you.


When will I receive my Member’s Choice Item?

Your Member’s choice item will be sent out with your Member Pack after your Membership payment has been processed.


I received my pack, but my Member’s choice item wasn’t included.

If you have multiple Memberships, these packs can be sent separately and therefore arrive at different times. You may receive your Membership packs all together and then your Member’s choice items separately. Once you have received all of your packs, if you believe you are missing an item, please contact us on 8440 6690.


I only received one Membership pack when I have multiple Memberships

Membership packs are often sent separately which can often mean they arrive at different times so there is no need to be alarmed. If it has been a considerable amount of time, please contact our Member Services Department on (08) 8440 6690 who will follow this up for you.