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Renew your Membership every year and be rewarded for your loyalty!

Your continued commitment helps the Adelaide Football Club both on and off the field, and we want to acknowledge you and the contribution you have made to the Club. The Adelaide Crows would not be where we are today without the loyal support of our amazing Members.

Each year Members will receive prizes, access to exclusive events and special giveaways as we recognise their specific years of membership.

Keep an eye out for us in 2019, we can’t wait to enjoy the season with you!

Honour Board

2018 Members are being celebrated on our online Honour Board for their consecutive years of membership. View the 2018 Member Honour Board now!

Member Benefits




I can’t see my name on the honour board, what can I do?

Please contact our Member Services on (08) 8440 6690 or via email to providing details of your membership and we will be happy to look into this for you.

My years of membership on my Member Card is not correct, what do I do?
Please contact our Member Services on (08) 8440 6690 or via email to providing details of your membership and your years of membership and we will be happy to look into this for you. Where discrepancies exist we will assess these cases individually and adjust if necessary.

It is important to note that years of membership cannot be transferred. If the membership was previously in another family member’s name, the years of membership start from the season you have taken over the membership as a new member.

I’ve changed my membership type, will my years of membership begin again?
No, years of membership are counted for the number of years you have held a membership consecutively, regardless of type. If you change membership types and remain a member your membership years will still continue.

I am travelling and won’t be using my membership in 2018. What do I do to keep my loyalty status?
To maintain your consecutive years of membership, you will still need to hold a membership. Speak to Member Services today about some other membership’s options for you while you’re away; such as a Boundary Line or a Global Crow, to ensure you can keep your loyalty status. Otherwise, enquire with Members Services about our Seat Return Program!

AFL Club Support Members please note that an AFL Absentee membership will not retain loyalty status as no financial contribution is made to the Club, you will therefore be required to purchase an alternative Crows membership to keep your consecutive years active.

I am not renewing my membership, can I pass my membership and years of membership on to someone else?
Years of consecutive membership are not transferrable between names. As the Loyalty program requires that each member personally holds and pays for a membership for consecutive years, if you transfer your membership to a new family member or friend their account will start as a first year member. If a membership is transferred between families, the new member will start their journey with the club as a first year member.


I am an Adelaide Oval Member with a Gold Upgrade through the Adelaide Football Club, are my years of membership counted?
Yes, your membership years are counted by the consecutive years you have a held a membership through the Adelaide Football Club.

I have not received any emails regarding my years of memberships or the loyalty program - (Including Birthday email, Crowmania Offers, and registration for Club Events)?
If you have not received any emails regarding the Loyalty program:

  1. Check your email subscriptions
    • Log in to your MyCrows Account and ensure you are subscribed to “Ticketing & Membership Information” and “CROWmania offers”.
  2. Ensure your email address is correct and connected to your membership account
    • If you require any assistance please contact our Member Services on (08) 8440 6690.

I’m a We Fly As One member, am I included?
As We Fly As One membership is a free offering that does not require renewing each year, we are currently not able to track years of membership. However, as a We Fly As One member you are entitled to exclusive member benefits, such as Member Priority access to ticketing, discount at CROWmania and Member-Only communications.

I haven’t received a Member Milestone Appreciation Certificate and I believe I should have, why is that?
If you have not received a Member Appreciation Certificate:

  1. Ensure your email address is correct and connected to your membership account
  2. Check to see if you are celebrating a ‘milestone’ year of membership (3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, Foundation)
  3. Check if you share or are linked with another members email address - unfortunately we are unable to send multiple emails to one email address, therefore only the ‘primary’ membership will receive the certificate.

Please contact one of our helpful Member Services staff on (08) 8440 6690, who would be happy to look into this for you.